Mt Evelyn Environment Protection and Progress Association (MEEPPA) started in 1909 as the Mt Evelyn Progress Association. Previously it was known as the Evelyn Progress Association.

Since then MEEPPA has grown and turned its focus towards looking after the environment as well as helping Mt Evelyn progress.

We have continuously monitored, promoted and protected the unique water resources that form part of our beautiful environment. We have
continued to seek improvements to the use of Olinda Creek for nearly a century – and our work is not finished yet.

We appreciate and protect our rich Flora and Fauna seek to educate the wider community in our efforts.

Mount Evelyn is the home of the Powerful Owl and we are the Custodians of the ‘Owl Land Reserve’ to the north of the town, one of only two to be set aside exclusively for owls in the world (to this date). We administer this in partnership with Local Government as well as seeking Corporate Sponsorship such as SP Ausnet and Johnson Tiles.

We represent residents, where possible, on standing committees, initiated by the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

We are a non sectarian, non aligned and fully independent Association with membership open to anyone who agrees to abide by the articles of the association.

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